Thank you for your interest in becoming a LIQUOR STAX member.

Liquor Stax has been delivering record member profits for 14 years with the highest rebates and lowest box moving charges, we believe these facts increase our member’s overall margin.

Please read the advantages below and contact any of our 460 members for a recommendation. Please let us help you provide a personalised comparison of how the numbers stack up for your business.

If you’d like to discuss your business and how Liquor Stax can improve your profitability, please call or email me.

General Manager, Liquor Stax Australia


Need to know more?

LIQUOR STAX has the LARGEST REBATE by percentage compared to other banner groups.
Marketing Members on average receive 6.81% and our Buying Members receive on average 1.48%.
PLUS, we give back to members on invoice numerous brands with “Money into Price” across most suppliers including CUB, Lion, Diageo, Coca Cola, Treasury, CUB Premium Beverages and more.
Rebate percentage growth has been consistent for the past 14 years.

Estimate your LIQUOR STAX rebate using the table below.

** For calculation purposes only (ex GST). This amount should exclude CUB & Lion Indirect

Marketing Members Average Rebate Non-Marketing Members Average Rebate
  6.81% 1.48%
$300,000 $20,430 $4,440
$350,000 $23,835 $5,180
$400,000 $27,240 $5,920
$450,000 $30,645 $6,660
$500,000 $34,050 $7,400
$550,000 $37,455 $8,140
$600,000 $40,860 $8,880
$650,000 $44,265 $9,620
$700,000 $47,670 $10,360
$750,000 $51,075 $11,100
$800,000 $54,480 $11,840
Marketing Members Average Rebate Non-Marketing Members Average Rebate
  6.81% 1.48%
$850,000 $57,885 $12,580
$900,000 $61,290 $13,320
$950,000 $64,695 $14,060
$1,000,000 $68,100 $14,800
$1,050,000 $71,505 $15,540
$1,100,000 $74,910 $16,280
$1,150,000 $78,315 $17,020
$1,200,000 $81,720 $17,760
$1,250,000 $85,125 $18,500
$1,300,000 $88,530 $19,240
$1,350,000 $91,935 $19,980
  • LIQUOR STAX delivers twice the category average margin from an extensive selection of private label beers, wines and casks and is a major point of difference to our competitors.

  • LIQUOR STAX has a very competitive wholesale arrangement compared to our competitors. Don’t be blinded by Banner reps saying they don’t charge pick fees, offer free freight, freight rebates, or have no finance fees, because they all do. Wholesaling costs and fees are usually hidden or named differently.

  • LIQUOR STAX has achieved record profit results for its members over the last 14 years.

  • LIQUOR STAX is fully audited and every member is treated equally whether large, or small. There are no favoured marketing or non-marketing members or special deals for members.

  • LIQUOR STAX does not waste money on marketing concepts that do not deliver results. We don’t hold conferences, have no sales representatives on the road and all directors are non-financial, and care about every single cent that is spent. In fact, we have the cheapest overheads of all Banner Groups to maximise rebates for members

  • LIQUOR STAX are not owned by a public company or management with shares in the business. We don’t own a wholesaler. We concentrate on what we are good at ... RETAILING.

We are confident in what we can deliver for you and your business. The numbers speak for themselves!

General Manager

LIQUOR STAX AUSTRALIA PTY LTD | ABN 32 003 800 780 | Suite 15, 20 St Albans Rd, Kingsgrove, NSW, 2208 | (02) 9554 8831